PowerDirector 15 Trimming

Video clips captured from external capture devices often contain unwanted portions. These unwanted portions can easily be removed in PowerDirector using the Trim function.
  • The name of the Cursor Button you drag around in the timeline is called the PLAYHEAD.
  • There are also separate MarkIn and MarkOut Buttons different from the PLAYHEAD.
  • Clicking MarkIn and MarkOut buttons will remove clips according to where you set the MarkIn/MarkOut markers.
  •  See the CLIP and MOVIE buttons in the PREVIEW Window. These buttons apply playback to either a selected CLIP in the Timeline or the entire MOVIE in the TIMELINE.
  • You can also DblClk the resource in the resource window. DblClk for example a video clip or image and that can be viewed in the PREVIEW WINDOW.
  • The TIMELINE has clips in different Tracks.  Options that say ALL CLIPS will affect ALL CLIPS in ALL TRACKS in the Timeline.
  • When editing a project you can DISABLE/ENABLE the different tracks.  Simply use the checkbox at the left menu of each track.  This allows you to create a video just using one or more of the TRACK LAYERS that are enabled.
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